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Pricing for Sequencing and Analysis

Package pricing for sequencing projects includes library prep, sample QC, sequencing, and analysis. Also, we can help you design custom sequencing projects and provide estimated costs.

We also offer bioinformatics analysis of data produced outside the ECGC sequencing and microarray labs.

Per lane, sequencing only (no library prep or analysis):

50bp, single read $1,150 per lane
100bp x 100bp paired end $2,350 per lane

Common Applications and Packages (with library prep and analysis)

Listed prices are per sample and can be customized.
ChIP-Seq (50bp, single read) $1,050
(Strand Specific, 100x100bp, paired end)
RNA-Seq Low-Input
(Non-strand specific, 100x100bp, paired end)
RNA seq, Prokaryotic
(50bp, single read)
RNA-Seq, Prokaryotic
(100bp x 100bp, paired end)
MBD seq (50bp, single read) $2,050
Whole Exome $1,585
Whole Genome sequencing pricing depends on organism

We also offer sequencing applications not shown on this list.

If you are interested in starting a project with the ECGC, please email to set up a consultation meeting with our directors.